Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First month in B-school

today m glad to announce that i have managed to survive 1 month in a B-school...
i m telling you friends its not an easy task(surviving initial months in a B-school) for an engineer .. especially wen u come across diverse commerce subjects like ME(Managerial Economics), FM(Financial Management ) evn subjects like ISM(Information Systems for Managers) tend 2 be monotonous coz they also target on product positioning,branding and various other management strategies... huffff!!! Phew!!! Yaar Engineering was 1000times easier, as there was logic involved...     i find very less logic in management ... evn people(fellow mates) njoy speaking illogically in class discussions!!!
Well i have 2 work very hard now.. have 2 dig a lot and understand subjects and develop interest in 'em...

Thursday, 31 May 2012

To understand a woman

It’s difficult to understand a woman,
To understand her, you need to spend your lifetime (with her)
To understand her, you need to know her, talk to her,
But still it will be difficult to understand her.

The best thing to do for a woman is to love her.
Her love will make you cry, it’ll make you emotional,
You’ll know what sorrow is, even the feeling of pain in your heart
You’ll never say good bye to her.

Hold her hands and look at her face, you can see 7 wonders in front of you.
Walk with a woman and watch her smile, you can hear 1000 tunes in your heart,
Your feelings and emotions, Your Happiness and joy,
Your luck and success will have meaning if she is with you.

To understand a woman is not the cup of my tea,
It’s easy to describe her, but really difficult to understand a woman.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Life of an Engineer!!!

Hi buddies!! Before I start this article I would like to WARN u!! anyone who has got big expectations from life of  engineer, shud overlook this & go through something prettier cos this 's gonna get messy overhere.

To start from the beginning' It is a phenomena as usual and I have formulated a weird daily pattern that is sustainable.

I wake at 9:30 am EVERYDAY and sleepwalk through the minimal effort required that makes me look "presentable" in  class .every day I've to make a critical decision regarding "time management" such as:
1) have both bath & breakfast( becoming a rarity)
2) bath but no breakfast
3) breakfast but no bath               
4) neither( becoming alarmingly a regular option)

Every day I've to I take solace that, some people arrive in far worse shape than me, others fight a losing battle  with sleep and occasionally doze off right under the prof's nose.  1/2hour later, I lumber off to the mess, and  just can't wait to fall on my bed but the practicals wait for me.
 About the profs they r GOD! and their teachings are understood by them only( like a  spiritul kind of stuff 4 a teenager!!!! )difficult to understand,

Then it is 5:30pm.... time to leave for lonekheda for tea at raju bhai's (jai gajanan)stall,  the only hangout place in lonekheda  where you can meet everybody of your college, including professors!!!          
Maximum crowd is seen lingering on the road, that's not their fault its just because the girls hostel limits upto  6.00pm,poor chaps!!!

At 8.00pm we are in the room discussing about our day in college and still no headway in preparation for the next day's class, so I give up and head for the mess, and sit amidst people(seniors) who give my confidence a bad jolt  by offering some free advice on the mess tables. "Haan, Microprocessor2 is quiet difficult, read the reference book also, very difficult to understand assembly programs yaar..... pass the water please", "aur Ujwala (maam) prac's me 1/2 class ko har bar latkake jati hai!!!!! "" F***** S***!!!!!

Then it is soon 10:00 pm and after some more struggle between microprocessor and TCS(Theory Of Computer Science), I give up and head for the branch-mates in the adjoining room, who gleefully smile and start discussing about gals(their favourite topic  indeed). At 12:00 midnight, we have a birthday in our dormitory (hostel), and there is a proper round of cakes and bumps. Birthday's are a nice thing here, dorms have proper "birthday managers" (roomates of the b'day boy) who formally circulate a mail across the dorm, arrange for cake and pastries, and also get their share of bumps.  Also there is this tradition of getting one's face smeared by the birthday cake and cream by your own group. The face looks ugly, but I believe it is worth it. So I cannot wait for mine to come......

At 2:00 am, everybody is awake .some are glued to their mobile phones constantly smiling, i sometimes feel they suffer from a disorder (constant smiling) how can they talk so long with somebody. ....
i  hav seen people taking from  11pm to 4am ,some are busy watching movies on laptop, some in playing games. There are meetings scheduled at 3:00 am  in the night sometimes.4:00 am and everything is a mess now.

My std of leaving has been decreasing everyday. Earlier I'd rarely wake up till 2:00am but now things keep getting worse each day. So now I've woken up till 3,3:30,4:,4:30 am!!. It's our duty to tell the birds that wake up guys!!  We‘r  kind of their alarm system.
but one thing for sure i can tell you about engineering is that if you can handle it,you can handle any pressure in  your life Engineer ROCKZ...........and above all............ ENGINEERING ROCKS!!

That's all about it.

Byeee & enjoy your life @ENGINEERING.


My First

Well Dis's my first post on blog.... so a lil bit xcitd!!!
well dis's all abot keyin down my emotions wen i waz cmg back 4rm thane aftr  havin a mini-get-togethr wid ma
ex-roommates or rathr best frnz( will sound bettr).... Lucky nd Krish offcrse....
It goes dis way---
" Wow!!!! Lyf s so beautiful... I dnt knw y ppl run behind success nd der carreer...
Abot makin der future brite,secure,...blah blah blah....     and 4get 2 njoy der presnt.....
I jus dont wanna wipeoff raindrops 4rm my glasses.......i wnt 2  njoy my present nd liv lyf like monsoon season dat brings happiness 2 evrybdyz lyf.......   "