Thursday, 31 May 2012

To understand a woman

It’s difficult to understand a woman,
To understand her, you need to spend your lifetime (with her)
To understand her, you need to know her, talk to her,
But still it will be difficult to understand her.

The best thing to do for a woman is to love her.
Her love will make you cry, it’ll make you emotional,
You’ll know what sorrow is, even the feeling of pain in your heart
You’ll never say good bye to her.

Hold her hands and look at her face, you can see 7 wonders in front of you.
Walk with a woman and watch her smile, you can hear 1000 tunes in your heart,
Your feelings and emotions, Your Happiness and joy,
Your luck and success will have meaning if she is with you.

To understand a woman is not the cup of my tea,
It’s easy to describe her, but really difficult to understand a woman.


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